Cybernium provides web design services for the entire life-cycle of a website starting from prototyping, going through design and development to onsite SEO and deployment. All websites are built using state-of-the-art technology according to detailed specifications jointly created between Cybernium and our customers. Contact us for information or to schedule a FREE consultation.



Unique designs that unify function and style. Cybernium designs websites with you, making them the best part of the web for your audience. Starting with your ideas, we prototype and design functional websites that are visually appealing and easy to navigate. Traffic is only as good as the experience visitors have and we make sure every site we produce is as memorable as it is usable.

Ideas online. The web is different than other media. People arrive from all over the world and land in various places while looking for answers to different questions. Cybernium designs websites to captivate visitors, showing them your ideas in the clearest way possible.


Simplicity & Standards. Cybernium follows state-of-the-art web-standards for maximum flexibility, browser compatibility and durability. The websites we build are designed to remain compatible with browsers as they evolve and to allow their contents to be easily updated. Front-ends built use HTML, XHTLM, CSS and Javascript including AJAX and XML.

Powerful technology. The best technology chosen for a website is the right one for your needs. Web technologies are tremendously powerful but equally complex. Cybernium creates websites which are balanced with your goals and uses the right level of technology for your infrastructure from simple static HTML design to custom PHP to C++ back-end.

Behind the scenes. There can be much more to your website than what visitors see and Cybernium can take care of that too: Control panels, data forms, content management, advertising integration and more. We can also integrate with third-party APIs or data-feeds and write custom conversion programs.


Evaluation. The web is changing but how is your website keeping up and where does it need to be? After 15 years of building and over 6 years of running websites, Cybernium knows. We review your website's content, organization, usability, interface and design and you get a report with detailed suggestion which you, us or someone else can implement.


The Right Traffic. Onsite SEO improves how search engines like Google understand a website. This increases the probability of showing up for the right searches and ranking higher for those terms. When Cybernium builds a website, SEO is FREE since we design websites following patterns that have proven highly successful.

Existing Site SEO. Cybernium can perform onsite search engine optimization to improve the ranking of an existing site. This includes the right use of HTML tags and making content more easily understood by search engine crawlers.


Cybernium knows that you have your own ideas, requirements and budget. The key to delivering you the best service is to understand your needs better. Contact us to schedule a FREE consultation. We will take as much time as needed to find the right solution for you even if that means recommending someone else.

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